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A Guide on Leveling Concrete Floors

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Did you know that concrete floors when polished and hardened nicely, look extremely shiny and for sure those polished floors last for years. But this look isn’t easy to achieve. However, if your results aren’t quite perfect, do not panic, we have a solution known as floor levelling.

When it comes to selecting a floor leveler, you must pick up the best solution. If the flooring of your office or home is not done professionally, you’ll either pull it apart or you may have to live with it. This can cost a lot of money. So, if you are planning to move and lay concrete over the surface, you need to use floor leveler for making your surface even better.

Causes of Uneven Concrete Floors

Floors maybe uneven owing to a number of reasons. However, the two major things that add misery and clumps on the surface are cracking and moisture. Whether you are planning to refinish an uneven floor or you want to replace the existing floor, you need concrete leveler to perform this task. Within a couple of days, you’ll be able to prepare your uneven floor using right technique and right preparation.

floor levelerfloor leveler

When and How to Use Levelling Compound

A number of people think that they can level the concrete floors themselves, however it is not true because leveling of floor requires much expertise and technique. If you use self-levelling compound on a concrete floor yourself, the difficulty depends upon the floor which is not level. Floor levelers make your life much easier, especially when paired with a long spirit level.

Mark any High and Low Points on the Floor

For making high and low points on the floors, use simple pencil or chalk. You can easily mark the high and low spots, concrete bumps or dips. The next step is to sweep over the floors to check the level of any depressions in the concrete. It is possible that you have missed a depression the first time, so you need to double check the level.

What is Self-Levelling Floor Screed?

A self-leveling compound has latex and is laid in a very thin layer, giving the flexibility to concrete floors to move without even cracking. When you pour or mix the self leveling compound, they’ll flatten across the uneven floor.

To Lay a Self-Levelling Floor Compound You Should:

Clean the Floor

The very first step is cleaning the floor. Remove all the furniture, baseboards and appliances form the roam.

Fill Cracks in the Floor

The second step is to fill up the gaps and cracks in the concrete floor with the help of filler and sealer.

Apply the Primer

The third most important step is to apply the prepared primer with a soft brush and spread it over the floor.

Timberfix provides all the latest equipment for floor levelling, we have high quality concrete leveller. If you want to buy concrete leveller from us, do let us know via email or call, our members will assist you as soon as possible.

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