8 Things for Anyone Who Considers Hairline Lowering

A prominent forehead often becomes the reason for low self-esteem and undesirable facial look. You may not be happy with the natural frontal hairline and want to correct it. To do so, a surgical hairline advancement procedure is needed. It is also referred to as hairline lowering or forehead reduction surgery. This procedure can provide you with dramatic results with an overly high hairline. Check about hairline lowering cost and things you should know before getting this treatment in this post.

Hairline lowering: 8 things to consider 

1. Eligibility for procedure

First, this procedure is not accessible to everyone who does not meet the essential criteria. For this surgery, you must have a flexible scalp which is easier to bring to the lower position. Furthermore, it would help if you had a stable frontal hairline for the surgery. This means that you should not have a history of hair loss. Though this is a surgical procedure, you must be mentally prepared to get it for your cosmetic advantage.

2. Donor’s hair is needed.

You can lower the overly high forehead with hair transplant hairline lowering treatment. However, this treatment requires fine hairs in the donor region. You will have donor hairs implanted at your frontal hairline by the hair surgeon. This would undoubtedly add grafts to make your hairline proportionate to your face. But the growth of implanted hairs would take time to cover the injected site.

3. Linear scarring

Scarring is related to the procedure of forehead reduction. The hair surgeon would have to remove the skin of the forehead by making an incision. It will be released to bring down the scalp. Then the surgeon will stitch your scalp with the left forehead skin. Thus, it will leave a linear scar on your frontal hairline. But, the spot can be hidden under the hairs and mostly be noticed under wet coats.

4. Anesthesia is needed

Not to mention! Bringing the hairline down requires surgery to be performed under sedation. The surgeon may choose to give you local or general anesthesia. The procedure may take 3 to 4 hours and will be performed with a specialized tool. You may remain awake during the system but won’t feel pain.

5. Healthier recovery 

Some wonder if they can return to work after a hairline lowering procedure. It is possible to do the same when the treatment is done with FUE. This minimally invasive treatment will not leave any scars on the scalp. Also, the surgeon can use robotic techniques to implant hairs in the frontal hairline. Thus, the recovery could be faster and healthier.

6. Things to avoid

If the surgeon finds you suitable for forehead reduction, you will be provided some preparation tips. Before the procedure, you must avoid using blood thinners such as aspirin. Also, you need to quit smoking/alcohol a few weeks before the procedure. Doing so will reduce the risk of bleeding during the process and aid in your faster recovery.

7. Cost of treatment

Depending on your needs, the hairline lowering cost can range anywhere from 7000 to 12000 dollars. It is good to discuss the price during the initial consultation with the surgeon. Factors like hair thinning, low volume of donor’s inches, etc., may also raise the overall cost. Also, the medicine required during recovery will be added to the total cost of treatment. This is an important consideration you should consider before getting the treatment.

8. Permanent and immediate results

It is the good thing about this procedure that you would admire the most. You can undergo this treatment to attain results with immediate effects. It will be brought down the scalp to match your hairline and facial features. So, you can notice changes in your looks immediately after the surgery. However, fuller results will appear after proper recovery and growth of hairs. But you can get lasting effects from this procedure.

To sum up

You must know eight things before lowering your hairline with a surgical procedure. It is a remarkable surgery that can improve your facial looks. Along with reducing the hairline, it can also raise your brows. So, consult a certified hair surgeon today to learn about hairline lowering cost. It is a surgical treatment, so an expert for superior-rated results must perform it. A single session can bring your hairline 2-3 inches low.

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