8 Smart Ways To Boost Your Iron Level

Whether children or adults, iron deficiency is the most common problem in everyone. Also, it is the most significant cause of anemia. This nutrient is indispensable for transporting O2 to all body cells via hemoglobin and myoglobin. Moreover, it boosts your immunity and prevents you from getting ill. Suppose you think about whether you have iron deficiency or not. Then first check the key symptoms like hair loss, fever, pale skin, unexplained fatigue, and muscle pain. 

The critical factor of iron deficiency in females is blood loss during menstruation. They also become iron deficient during childbearing days and after delivery. Similarly, males lose extensive amounts of iron due to physical trauma and low iron consumption. To maintain good well-being, physicians often recommend iron supplements to adults

Restless leg syndrome and anxiety are two key symptoms of iron deficiency anemia, which should be treated on time. Anxiety is often seen in many people that interfere with work productivity. However, it can be treated by taking optimum amounts of iron daily. In such a case, consuming iron-rich foods and their alternatives becomes indispensable.

Iron is present in both veg and non-veg foods. In vegetarian foods, it is present in a non-heme form that is hard to digest. Non-vegetarians contain heme iron that is relatively easy to absorb. 

Now let us look at the eight clever ways to boost iron content.

  • Include Beetroot In Salad

Eating beetroot is the best way to elevate iron content in your body. It is loaded with phosphorus, iron, magnesium, and many vitamins. The nutrients present in beetroot accelerate the RBCs production and boost hemoglobin. 

You can take it in a salad or make its juice in a blender. Add some lemon juice to the chopped beet or beetroot juice to enhance the taste. Also, lemon is rich in vitamin C that increases iron absorption. 

  • Store Water In Copper Vessel

Storing the drinking water in a copper vessel is an excellent idea to uplift iron in your body. Put the water in a copper bottle, glass, or jug overnight and drink it the following day to facilitate the store of various minerals, including iron. 

  • Eat Dates & Resin

Snack dates and resins instead of pizza and burgers. They are loaded with iron, vitamin A & C, magnesium, which boost the immune system and increase the iron content. 

It is recommended to take these dried fruits in the morning or when you need an instant energy boost.

  • Use Iron Skillet 

Using a cast-iron skillet is another easy and smart way to augment iron levels. Yes, when we eat food that is cooked in an iron skillet, a significant amount of iron is added to the body, which prevents us from iron-deficiency anemia and disease. An iron skillet is readily available in the market and or online stores.

  • Eat Skinned Green Grams

Skinned grams are also an abundant source of iron. It is easy to cook and comfortable to eat in every season. You can consume it by boiling or making sprouts. Apart from iron, it is also rich in carbs and protein. Regular consumption of green grams is very effective in pumping iron into the body. 

  • Consume Tofu

Tofu is made up of soybean extract and is full of phosphorus, manganese, zinc, and iron. Include it in your regular meal plan to prevent anemia and lower cholesterol.

  • Eat Dark Chocolate

You might not know, but dark chocolate is indeed a good source of iron. You can eat it to satisfy your taste buds as well as to improve your iron status. 

  • Include Red Meat In Your Diet

Red meat, including beef, pork, and lamb, contains a large quantity of heme iron. So, eat them to prevent iron deficiency. 

The Bottom Line-:

By considering the above tips and taking iron supplements, you can overcome iron deficiency and lead a healthy life.

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