7 Ways to Make Your Phone Battery Last Longer

Smartphones are marvelous gadgets of innovative tech with some astounding capabilities but can burn out quite fast if they are always operating at full power. Having such marvelous tech in the palm of a hand is not so marvelous when the battery is running low or fully depleted. Since not every phone has a great battery, there are several ways to improve and ensure a much more efficient power use for longer-lasting battery life. Thankfully, this article lists several helpful tips for getting the most out of your smartphone battery.

Reduce Brightness

A quick and simple way of effectively preserving battery life is by reducing the display brightness level. Although this tip is obvious, the screen brightness has a significant effect on the battery since a brighter screen will require more power compared to a low-brightness screen. If your brightness is constantly high, then lowering it will result in a significant improvement in battery life. Also, if an auto-brightness feature is available, then switching it on will automatically increase or reduce the brightness depending on the environment lighting.

Use a Battery Saving Feature or App

Battery-saving features are helpful since they track smartphone details like battery performance and usage. The feature records the battery performance for a few days and analyzes the apps to determine which ones have the most battery usage. In addition to identifying power-draining apps, the power usage data also helps pinpoint any unused apps that take up the battery in the background.

Configure Location Services

Many apps utilize the smartphone location, which tends to be running constantly in the background and draining the battery. To avoid wasting battery, set the app to use location only when using it so that it turns off when not in use.

Disable Push Notifications

Some apps come with an unnecessary amount of push notifications, which appear numerous times throughout the day. To preserve battery, disable the push notifications from apps you do not use or do not need any notifications from. Only enable notifications from apps that you need constant updates from. Otherwise, any additional and unused apps with unnecessary push notifications will only add to the power usage and take up battery life.

Remove Unused Apps

Most smartphone users tend to have a few unnecessary and unused apps on their phones, which can continue running in the background and use up precious batteries. Of course, unused apps may only take up a bit of battery in a day but can build up over time and lead to inefficient battery usage.

Disable Vibrations

Vibrations are beneficial in many situations but can drain the battery as a regular feature throughout the day. Consider disabling the vibrations for apps if the feature is not needed, otherwise the vibrating notifications will use up unnecessary amounts of power.

Avoid Fully Draining or Charging Battery

Fully charging or draining a smartphone battery will only reduce the battery life. Similar to the honor x8 battery, modern phones tend to come with lithium-ion batteries, which only experience increased stress at full charge or complete depletion. For best preserving the battery life and efficiency, only charge the smartphone battery up to 80% with a minimum charge of 30%. Also, consider charging the phone before it drops to 20% to further maximize battery efficiency.


Smartphone batteries may vary in size and power capacity, but the ways of preserving them and improving their life span can be effectively done through simple and easy tips like the ones mentioned above. Regardless, optimizing the smartphone and its battery to last longer will ensure you get the most out of your phone with maximized usage and power efficiency. 

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