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7 Tips On Choosing Kitchen Cabinets And Countertops For Small Space

Kitchen Cabinets And Countertops For Small Space

Upgrading and renovating an old kitchen is every homeowner’s dream. If you are using and cooking in a kitchen for many years, you can make your dream come true. You can start renovating your small kitchen by completely revamping your Custom Cabinets & Wood working San Diego CA and countertops. 

One of the largest problems with small kitchens is the lack of size, cabinetry, storage area, and very narrow countertops. However, a compact cooking space doesn’t have to be that difficult. 

It is possible to increase the efficiency and workspace of your small kitchen by installing new cabinets and countertops. This article has put together 7 tips for choosing cabinets and countertops for small kitchens.

White Is Best For Small Kitchens

White is the best friend of small spaces. White can reflect and diffuse light throughout the area. White color brighten up the light, improve the feeling of space and make the walls look bigger and wider. When looking for new countertops and cabinets, you should go for white. 

The white color creates a perfect space without borders or limits. Install white cabinets and countertops, and combine contrasting strategies to maintain an all-white kitchen to mimic large, small spaces.

Selection Of Kitchen Cabinets

Even if you don’t want to admit it, it’s still hard to make that decision when choosing the perfect kitchen cabinet for your small kitchen. This can be tricky as the cabinetry can become the focal point of your kitchen. 

Today’s wall-mounted kitchen cabinets extend to the ceiling, using the space above to store special cooking and serving utensils that are rarely used. Wall cabinets take on all sizes and extents, stretching from floor to roof of the kitchen to create an accent wall that can hold everything from kitchenware, utensils to appliances.

Smart Storage In Cabinets

Storage is just one way to get inspired. Start with cabinets up to pantry height to eliminate the need for smaller cabinets at the bottom. Avoid swaying cabinets. Instead, opt for sliding or hinged doors to eliminate the extra turning space. Go for glass cabinets or light-colored cabinets or open shelving that makes the space bigger. Hinged doors, sliding cabinet doors, and push-pull drawers can make your cabinets more practical, spacious, and practical.

Utilize Maximum Spaces In Cabinets And on Countertops 

The way you use your countertops and cabinets can have a huge impact on the functionality and design of your kitchen. While you might not have as much space as you would like in a small kitchen, that doesn’t mean you have to remove cabinets or tear down some walls. 
Whether you have an open-plan kitchen or a one-wall kitchen, you can use what you need to not only make your kitchen look stylish, but also make it look bigger. Creative storage ideas and smart worktops like:

Quality Kitchen Remodeling San Diego
Use fixed shelves inside cabinet doors to maximize cabinet space.

  • Install detached or floating shelves in your kitchen above countertops.
  • Add removable workspaces under counters
  • Find room for the devices in the cabinets.
  • Install larger white countertops to make your kitchen look bigger and brighter.

Reduce The Clutter And Install Wider Countertops

When planning about your small kitchen remodeling, always keep in mind that reducing the clutter on your kitchen countertops will help you get the most out of the narrowest kitchen. A hidden modern design with multitasking elements will reduce the clutter on your sleek and elegant countertop, giving a more airy and open feel to your kitchen. 

You can also go for exposed cabinetry as it will require you to be neat with all your dishes as it will be visible. Simplicity is a feature that works great for making a small kitchen look bigger. Wider countertops provide balance and a smooth transition throughout your kitchen.

Choose The Looks And Material Of Countertops

Some countertops can give your kitchen a more traditional look, while others can give your home a contemporary touch. If you desire a contemporary and more spacious kitchen, you might end up picking unusual countertop materials. 

Some kitchen countertop materials are more susceptible to cracking and chipping, try thinking about how your kitchen will be used. This will help determine how durable your countertop surface should be.

Install Modern Cabinets

Modern kitchen cabinets are often built-in with built-in electrical outlets, which is very practical and space-saving. You can keep your devices charged while cooking. These are some of the perfect examples of small kitchen remodeling. 

Moreover, adding more contemporary designs can make your kitchen even more spacious. Use smart cabinet additions for small pantry storage. The pivoting cabinet doors open to reveal built-in shelves that take advantage of the deep cabinets that hide utensils and appliances. A countertop shelves keeps everyday kitchen essentials close at hand.


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