7 Social Media Marketing Mistakes Beginners Should Avoid

Today, many entrepreneurs use social media to promote their flagship products. However, mistakes often occur in the use of social media Social Media Marketing .


So, what are the social media marketing mistakes that beginners should avoid? How to solve this error?


For you young entrepreneurs, you should read this discussion so that your business knowledge will increase as well as successful Influencers.


  1. Wrongly Executing Content Strategy

In doing social media marketing, create content that fits your business. For example, you sell bag products. Next, create content on social media accounts related to bags, such as photos of various bag products, customer testimonial videos, and others.


  1. Low-quality Promotional Content

If your product is not selling well in the market, there is a possibility that the promotional content you created is not of high quality. For that, try to create better promotional content.


Then, what does quality content look like? In this case, you can create content that answers consumers’ curiosity about a product. In addition, create content that can attract consumers to be interested in buying your product.


  1. Content Not Human Friendly

As an entrepreneur, you have to keep in mind that the content you post on your company’s social media accounts will be seen by people, not machines or robots. Therefore, create content that can be understood by other people who are your potential customers.


  1. Slow to Respond to Consumers

Business competition is now getting higher. Being too slow in serving customers, even if only for a few minutes can also be a strong factor why they are reluctant to buy your product. Therefore, the service factor must be the main point in social media marketing.


For example, there are consumers who ask the price of each shoe product. So, immediately answer these questions or other complaints from consumers so that they feel satisfied and appreciated.


  1. Less Active Promotion on Social Media

Try to stay active on your business’s social media. That way, potential customers are sure that your business exists or is real. In addition, the content you create on social media will also be easier for many people to see.


  1. Not Consistent in Branding

In this case, create branding or promotional content on social media consistently. Make a distinctive promotional feature for your business on every social media. For example, you could post a photo with the model twice a month. You can also make video testimonials from customers four times a month with the same duration.


Try to post product branding content with the same concept on every social media, such as Facebook, Instagram, Website, and others. This is done so that your product is easily recognized by potential consumers.


  1. Wrong Use of Social Media

Try to use your social media properly. If you have a business social media account, then we recommend posting content related to the promotion of your product.


Avoid posting personal content on your business’s social media, such as selfie photos, private videos, and so on. This can reduce the interest of potential consumers to the product you are promoting.


Those are some social media marketing mistakes that beginners should avoid. Hopefully this discussion can add to your business knowledge in digital marketing so that you can become a successful young entrepreneur Read more 

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