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7 Myths About Amazon FBA PPC That Should Be Debunked Now

Amazon FBA PPC

FBA (fulfillment by Amazon) is the service Amazon provides to sellers. The vendors who subscribe to this service do not have to take loads of storage, packaging, and shipping. The biggest ecommerce platform, AMZ, gives complete assistance to the seller. Moreover, their representatives handle all the returns and refunds. However, it costs money. Being a third-party vendor, you have to pay some monthly fee to get started with FBA. This is the best-selling option for those who want to focus on their core business.

To accelerate the benefits of Fulfillment by Amazon, you should run paid ads on AMZ. But if you don’t have expert-level skills to craft ad campaigns, investing in Amazon FBA PPC softwares will be great. A plethora of options are available when it comes to purchasing Amazon FBA pay-per-click tools, including, Helium 10, Scale Insights, SellerApp, Pacvue, and Sellics.

People have several doubts about Amazon PPC, which we are going to debunk in this article. Keep reading to know more-:

Amazon FBA PPC Is Expensive

If you think that every penny spent on Amazon FBA PPC is a waste of money, then you are not alone. There are people who have been running profitable campaigns for years and have never spent a dime on Amazon FBA PPC. But some people just don’t have time to run campaigns and need help with their sales funnel. If this is you, then these myths about Amazon FBA PPC will be helpful for your business.

Daily Tweaks Are Imperative

Some marketers believe that you should tweak your campaign every day or at least once a week because that’s how many times the keywords appear in search results. The problem with this is that it doesn’t take into account the fact that Google has a new algorithm every month or two which changes how it ranks websites in search results. So if you constantly tweak your campaign without knowing what Google has changed, it could actually ruin your conversion rate and make your sales funnel less profitable than it should be! Instead of doing this once a week or even daily, focus on running ads effectively.

No Changes Are Required After Running A Campaign

The truth is that even after your campaign is running, you need to keep track of what’s going on and make changes.

If you go back and look at the campaign, you’ll see that Amazon gives you easy access to key information, including how many impressions and clicks you got. You can see this right on your dashboard. If you click on one of those metrics, it will show you all the details about how many times that ad was shown to customers and how many times it received clicks.

That kind of information will help you keep track of what’s working and what isn’t working so that you can make adjustments later if needed.

Amazon FBA PPC Tool Is Not Required

Many people think that Amazon FBA PPC softwares is not required to get great outcomes. However, the beginner needs them most to reduce ACOS and get outstanding results. From identifying the best keywords to adjusting bid amount, these tools give you a wide range of options to craft campaigns that work.

Success Is Instant

First, let’s talk about the myth of success being instant. You can’t expect instant success with your Amazon FBA PPC campaign. It takes time and effort to get your campaigns going well. It’s unlike other marketing channels where you can just wake up one day and start hitting your targets. You must put in the time and effort before seeing results from your campaigns.

Bid Is The Only Major Factor

Second, let’s talk about the myth of bid being the only major factor when it comes to Amazon FBA PPC performance. Yes, when it comes to choosing keywords that are relevant for your product listing, the bid is very important, but there are other factors that play a significant role in making your campaign competitive, like content quality/content length/conversion rate, etc.

More Keywords Lead To More Sales

One of the most common myths is that more keywords lead to more sales. This can be true for some products, but not all.

You should always prioritize the most relevant keywords for your product and not try to list every possible keyword. This will result in lower organic sales and lower profitability.

Wrapping Up-:

These were some misconceptions that most people have about Amazon advertisements. Hope you like the article and understand the importance of  Amazon FBA PPC softwares.


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