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7 Most Creative Instagram Accounts | Here’s How You Can Replicate Them

It is common for social media marketing like Instagram Accounts to be influenced by other brands that are doing well socially online and implementing some of their same strategies in a manner that makes sense for your brand.

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They represent some of the best business accounts across six different industries and can inspire your strategy, regardless of whether they are in your industry or not. Here are a few of the best Instagram accounts to follow right now.

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Food & Restaurant Brands on Instagram

It is so fun to look at yummy food pictures, isn’t it? Food and restaurant brands are doing well on Instagram, so it’s no surprise. Have a look at some of the brands that stand out.

i. Freddy’s Frozen Custard & Steakburgers

The chain restaurant Freddy’s Frozen Custard & Steakburgers has locations all over the country. They post delicious photos of their food on Instagram yet still make it a priority to highlight their owner, Freddy. Look at the highlights on their Instagram Story, and you’ll see “F R E D D Y” is one of the options.

Why Replicate It?

Be sure to spotlight the owners, CEOs, and founders of your company. Including your entire team will help showcase your company’s culture. Consider sharing employee spotlights regularly and creating Instagram Story highlights for team outings and events, including work anniversaries.

ii. Sprouts Farmers Market

As a grocery store focused on produce and healthy eating, Sprouts drew inspiration directly from its products to create a stunning pattern of rainbow hues. They use colour and pattern to create a revolving rainbow on Picuki Instagram Search, focusing on one colour for six to nine posts before moving on to the next.

Why Replicate It?

You can use colour in so many different ways in your feed. The hues in your Instagram content can also create a beautiful pattern if you want your grid to match your vision once your content is published.

iii. Chipotle

According to their Instagram bio, Chipotle serves burritos and memes. Using Twitter screenshots and Chipotle memes to keep their audience engaged and hungry, their Instagram feed is a hilarious collection of content.

Why Replicate It?

Focus on humour and visual appeal if personality and humour are important for your brand. What is your brand’s voice or personality regarding humour, snark, and utilizing memes? It can be an amazing idea to take a less conventional approach to Instagram!

Fashion & Beauty Brands on Instagram

When it comes to creating beautiful content for Instagram, fashion and beauty brands are a natural fit.

iv. Lush Cosmetics

Known for its eco-friendly products and production standards, Lush is a well-known beauty brand. To take this a step further, they regularly partner with charities and organizations that promote eco-friendly habits.

As you can see from their profile, they are currently focusing on shark conservation. Lush needs to share information about this movement within their feed, Stories, and bio. click here

Why Replicate It?

Provide information about a charity or organization near and dear to your brand’s heart.

v. Teva

Users’ content (UGC) is a perfect match for Teva’s all-terrain sandals. The term “user-generated content” refers to photos that their customers create and share on their feeds.

Why Replicate It?

Encourage your customers to use your hashtag or to tag your brand in any photos they take of your product. It offers you with access to a library of user-generated content that you can access at any time.

Health & Fitness Brands on Instagram

Following inspirational accounts on Instagram can help you reach your goals.

vi. Mindbodygreen

Mindbodygreen is a digital health and wellness magazine dedicated to helping readers live their best lives. Additionally, they use their Instagram account to nurture that focus directly with their audience.

Their feed contains lifestyle photos, motivational quotes, and mini infographics that provide helpful information to their audience.

Why Replicate It?

These graphics are great for quickly introducing various topics to your audience while engaging them and educating them at the same time.

vii. 9Round

There are several franchises of 9Round kickboxing gyms around the country. There are teasers to their latest blogs, exercise videos for their followers, and lifestyle photos of people using their fitness centres.

Why Replicate It?

Put together a startup offer or deal for new customers and mention it in your social media bios. Create a landing page for that offer.

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