6 Tips for Writing a Persuasive speech (On Any Topic)

Writing a Persuasive Speech (On Any Topic)

Study the best speeches to create speeches

Most likely, the best way to master how to create Persuasive speech is to study the best speeches that have been written, from Pericles’ Funeral Oration, to Dr. King’s Mountaintop speech and Faulkner’s Nobel acceptance speech. However, if you’re looking for some simple tips Here are some tips to remember the next time you’re asked give a speech.

1. Write like you talk.

There’s no First Law of Speechwriting, however, if there was one it could be something similar to this: a Persuasive speech is intended to be read and not written. This easy (and evident) fact has some significant (and not so obvious) implications. Use short words. Create short sentences. Avoid awkward sentences that could make a speaker stumble. Tips Use a voice recorder to read the speech while you write. If you practice it for long enough, you’ll hear the words as you write them.

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2. Tell an interesting story.

I’ve written speeches on behalf of a governor, whose adviser told me that speechwriting involves throwing sounds together. This is the recipe for writing not great Persuasive speech, nor soundbites. When we were sat down for a discussion about a speech the first time the President Obama would ask: What’s the story that we’re trying to convey? Like all good stories speech, it has its own storyline. For Presidents typically, it’s an in-depth warm-up, an effective middle, and a rousing closing. This is his style. Then tell your tale in whichever way you feel natural. Tips: A compelling story is a lot more compelling than the most persuasive facts and figures.

3. The structure of the speech is crucial.

It’s generally more difficult to determine the correct form for an argument — specifically the order in which the points are to make — than words themselves. The order in which those points are placed is important because arguments that are well-thought out and coherent will be more convincing. There’s a reason the best speechwriters in America such as Abraham Lincoln and the speechwriter of JFK Ted Sorensen to President Obama himself — took law classes as a profession that is value for the ability to present an argument that is logical. A tip lists (like the one below) are a way to structure the Persuasive speech.

4. Be concise.

It is believe it was Woodrow Wilson once gave the following answer to a public speech inquiry: “If you’d like me to give a five-minute speech I’ll require one month to prepare. If you’d like me give 20 minutes of my time, it will take two weeks. If you’d prefer me to give a speech for an hour, I’m available to go.” According to Wilson was aware, it’s much harder to be succinct than to be verbose.

The best method of expressing a point is in a short, concise manner, just as Churchill made clear when he declare in a speech during the war: “The news from France is very bad.” If you’re thinking that you’re not in a position to cut the paragraph you’re a fan of take a moment to remember that it’s the Gettysburg Address, perhaps the most memorable address ever made in American history, has less than 300 words. TIP: Make it your mission to trim as many words as you can from every sentence, without losing the meaning of the line.

5. Be authentic.

If you’ve ever deliver an address, you’ve likely receive the advice “Just speak from the heart.” This isn’t the most effective advice for writing however this doesn’t mean that it’s wrong. When we were writing Obama’s 2008 Democratic Convention address, we had a hard time with a specific portion that was not in his speech. The President told us to: Take a moment to think about the situation you’re in, reflect on the challenges our country is experiencing and compose a speech that is true to you. It was a great reminder to not be focusing on the news and polls and instead share something we believe in as clearly as we can. A tip: Sharing a Persuasive speech will assist you in finding your voice and create connections with the people you are speaking to.

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6. Do not just talk

tell something. When Michelangelo was ask to paint his masterpiece, the Sistine Chapel, he consider it to be a gruelling task. He would have prefer to work on sculpture rather than painting. However, he took advantage of the opportunity to paint possibly the most admire fresco in the history of art. If you’re ask to give a speech and create a speech, make it an excellent one. The greatness of a speech has to do with its beliefs as any other aspect. There is no one who recalls the speeches of segregationists.

However, they were certainly powerful preachers who spew hate during the era during Jim Crow. Nobody remembers the speeches of Hitler although many would doubt his oratory skills. It’s true that Hitler and segregationists fell. It also because the optimism will always be more powerful than hatred. It’s not a surprise that the most popular, well-love speech of all time — — the Sermon on the Mount — is a declaration of the world’s most ideals. TIP: Before you begin to write, be inspire by reading some great speeches from collections such as William Safire’s “Lend Me Your Ears.”

Adam Frankel is VP, External Affairs at Andela. Previously, he was Special Assistant and Senior Speechwriter to President Barack Obama.

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