6 Botox Aftercare Instruction for Good Results

Getting a Botox treatment is always awesome to give a new life to your facial skin. This injectable treatment works well in the cosmetic industry and has become the most recommended one. If you have wrinkles around lips, eyes, forehead, chin, etc., you can get this treatment. It would magically reduce the appearance of wrinkles and tone up your skin to look young and vibrant. However, regardless of the number of Botox treatments, if you are not taking care of it, the results would vary. Therefore, it is imperative to know the best Botox aftercare tips to achieve good results. Here in this post, you will know about the top 6 instructions that you must follow after the Botox session.

Keep your head straight

Botox or Botulinum Toxin is mainly given to the facial skin to paralyze the facial muscles. The central aim of this treatment is to diminish the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. Therefore, you must look into this most genuine tip of keeping your head straight. The dermatologist would advise you not to lie after Botox for at least 4 hours. This would help the Botox injectable to settle into your facial muscles promptly. Thus, you will get good results once they are settled into your muscles.

Keep exercising

Exercising here is only limited to facial exercise, not whole body workout. You would be advised to exercise the treated areas after 1 to 2 hours post-treatment. It will help Botox to find its way to settling into the proposed facial muscles. You can do simple exercises by lifting your brows, keeping a smile on your face, and squinting. It helps in bringing superior Botox results for your skin.

Evade facial massage

You might consider combining your Botox treatment with other facial treatments. But, it is highly recommended to avoid such treatments for at least three days after Botox. This is important to prevent Botox from transferring to an unintended facial muscle. This is the best Botox aftercare instruction to follow strictly. Massaging your face can also lead to pain and redness after Botox. So, you must evade the proposal for at least three days.

Say no to stress

Stress is a devil as it could affect your physical and mental health too. So, you must say no to stress, especially after Botox, to prevent the risk of bruising. Stress, whether it is mental or physical, is bad for Botox. So, you must not do hard workouts after Botox for 48 hours. You must also keep your mind relaxed and take a rest on the day of treatment. This would help settle the Botox properly into your skin to make it soft, smooth, and shiny.

Do not disrupt the injection site

Normally, people have the tendency to feel the treatment they get to make facial skin smooth. So, after Botox, you might want to touch the injection site, right? However, it’s your personal choice to touch your face as no one can stop you. But, keep in mind that doing this could enhance the risk of Botox transfer to another facial site. Yes, touching the injection site could make this happen with a greater chance. So, you must not do this and let Botox works its own way to explore the finest results.

Sleep on your back only

Avoiding sleep is not good for health, without any doubt. You will also advise taking rest after Botox by the dermatologist. But, it is highly recommended to sleep only on your back. Avoid lying on your side, as it will put a strain on the injection site. Again, this could augment the risk of bruising and unintended settlement of Botox to another site. Therefore, you must keep in mind this Botox aftercare tip and wait for the treatment to show its extent outcomes.

Bonus tip

As per specialized tips, you should avoid taking blood thinners in the form of liquids and medicines. This would make your blood thin and can cause bruising. You must also avoid alcohol after Botox since it is also a blood thinner. Avoid heat on the face as well by not taking hot showers and saunas etc.

To sum up

Botox aftercare instructions are advised to achieve the best results from this treatment. The choice is yours whether you want to enjoy the smooth skin longer or not. So, you must stick to these tips and get superior results. There is no rocket science in understanding these guides and following them. You can simply control your mind to fulfill the instructions for the betterment of your facial beauty.

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