The police seized about 13,000 rupees from the two youths out of fear

A police officer has been accused of taking Rs 12,800 from two friends, including a motorcycle, for fear of a lawsuit in Gazipur. Accused ASI Shahadat Hossain is working in Gazipur Metropolitan Police’s Basan police station.

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It is learned that two friends Monir Hossain and Alfaz Hossain from Naskarchala village in Madhyapara union of Kaliakair upazila of Gazipur went to meet another classmate in Salna Mollapara area of ​​Gazipur metropolis on Thursday on a new motorcycle. On the way back, ASI Shahadat Hossain, Constable Noman and Mintu stopped them on the Dhaka-Tangail Highway at around 9 pm when they reached the flyover area of ​​Basan Police Station.

In the name of verifying the documents of the motorcycles, they were harassed and threatened with arrest in various ways including body search. The two constables searched their pockets and took Rs 6,600 from the two and informed them to bring more money at home. Monir and Alfaz’s father rushed there at night after receiving the news of the boys’ detention. Later, they were released after paying another Rs 8,000 from the family members.

Alfaz and Monir said they went for a ride on a new motorcycle they bought two months ago. Receipt of motorcycle purchase was also with them. Despite showing that, the police show fear in various ways. After paying 12,600 rupees, they were released.

Accused ASI Shahadat Hossain was contacted around 9 pm on Friday but did not agree to comment.

When asked, Basan Police Station OC Malek Khasru Khan said he had heard about the incident. The matter has been reported to senior officials.

Gazipur Metropolitan Deputy Commissioner (Crime) Zakir Hasan said necessary action would be taken against the accused subject to investigation if the victims complained.

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