'Imran Khan sells Toshakhana diamonds in Dubai'

Former Pakistani Prime Minister and Chairman of Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Imran Khan has sold gifts of government coffers to stay in power. The new Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif told reporters.

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The Prime Minister was speaking to reporters at an Iftar party in the capital Islamabad on Thursday. He said, ‘Imran Khan has sold several gifts of government toshakhana in Dubai for Rs 14 crore.

Prime Minister Shahbaz said Imran Khan bought diamond ornaments, bracelets, watches etc. from Toshakhana and sold them in Dubai. He further added that he also received a watch as a gift after becoming the Prime Minister. He has submitted it in the toshakhana. Shahbaz said, ‘There is no issue of hiding here. ‘

An application was made to the Islamabad High Court to stay Imran in power. In that application, it was requested to disclose the details of the toshakhana. But Imran Khan then said that it could not be disclosed because of the Official Secrets Act. The Prime Minister made the remarks in response to a question from journalists in this regard.

What the law says: The law says that if the head of state or head of government receives a gift from a country, it must be deposited in the state treasury. However, if he wants to take the gift personally, he has to buy it through auction. Then the auction money has to be deposited in the state treasury.

PTI angry: PTI reacted angrily to Prime Minister Shahbaz’s remarks. The party’s leader and former information minister Fawad Chowdhury said, ‘Prime Minister Shahbaz is throwing dirt on Imran Khan. ‘

Fawad Chowdhury said Imran Khan received a watch as a gift. He bought it from the Pakistani government and later sold it. He asks, ‘Where did Imran Khan commit the crime? He also bought it from the government. ‘

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