5 Trouser Styling Tips for Men

Trousers are one of the two basic requirements for men regarding styling. Shirts and trousers form the most basic elements of styling in a men’s wardrobe. Trousers are formal and semi-casual pants made out of different fabrics. 

Trousers are used universally to be paired with shirts and T-shirts for office wear, casual wear and semi-casual attire. Casual trousers for men are usually made from cotton. They come in different styles regarding their lengths, the ankle style, waist height, ankle opening or flare.

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These differences are to be used effectively as they can be paired with different styles of shirts. The most appropriate combinations of pants and shirts and the different trouser pants for men available in the market today are discussed ahead. 

Trousers for Men

There are many kinds of trousers for men. The most common similarity among them is their length button system. The differences lie in the type of ankle opening, the height of the bottom hem, the waist height and the flared opening width that has been provided in the trouser. 

Below are some of the types of best trousers for men that men can wear with different shirts:

  • Cotton trousers

Cotton trousers men are the most common formal pants for men and casual trousers for men. Cotton is the most favorable material for making any kind of apparel. 

Cotton trousers come in all colors and are most preferred in simple solid colors such as black, brown, white, and pastel colors such as powder blue, soft pink, beige, pastel green etc. They are neatly paired with dark-colored shirts or light-colored shirts for dark pants. 

  • Chinos 

Chinos are men’s formal trousers slim fit edition. Chinos can be an excellent choice for casual trousers for men as they have a simple yet elegant appeal that can be paired with simple shirts, both formal or informal. Chinos have tapered ankles with a short ankle cufflink. They have a slim-fitting appeal and can be worn with a loose-fitted shirt with or without tucking them in. 

  • Linen Trousers

Linen trousers have both a formal and a casual appeal to them. They have a flattering cut that suits all occasions. They can easily be paired with formal shirts as well as casual shirts. Linen trousers have a relaxed length and a comfortable fit. They have a retro-looking vibe as well, which works perfectly well for semi-casual attire. 

  • Drawstring Trousers

Drawstring trousers have drawstrings instead of buttons, making them comfortable to wear for casual attire. They have a regular fitting and can be used with Polo shirts, cotton shirts or casual collared shirts such as Cuban shirts or Hawaiian Shirts. They have a close-fitting hem at the ankle, which also gives them a distinct character. 

  • Cargo Pants 

Cargo pants are casual pants that can be worn with T-shirts for a relaxed weekend at home or for simple casual gatherings in the evenings. They come in a loose-fitting with plenty of pockets. They have a distinct look which sets them apart from all other kinds of trousers.

These are some of the most commonly used casual trousers for men in 2022. 

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