5 Things That Need to Know Before a Pap Smear Test

Visiting a gynecologist regularly would certainly help you ensure reproductive health. However, in certain cases, you might have to undergo specific health screenings. Pap smear test in Arleta is one important health screening for women that detect cervix cancer. Cervix cancer is a common concern among women since it can occur due to many reasons. Many sexually transmitted diseases are responsible for triggering cervical cancer. So, one must get proper detection and diagnosis with this specialized test. Being a female, you must undergo this test if you have painful urination, painful intercourse, vaginal discharge, vaginal odor, abnormal bleeding, etc. But, in order to prepare for this test, you need to know these 5 points mentioned ahead.

Avoid sex before Pap smear

A Pap smear test is an accurate screening of the cervix to detect vaginal infections like HPV. It can also find the abnormalities that lie in your cervix in the form of precancerous cells. These cells could become cancerous over time, so you must get this screening from your OB/GYN. However, before 2 days from this test, you must avoid sex with your male partner. This could cause inflammation of vaginal tissue and can cause cervix skin irritation. This could lead to inaccurate test results, which are a waste of time, money, and effort. So, keep this thing in mind if you are planning to undergo this test.

Avoid vaginal cleaning

You might believe that it is good to have a vaginal cleaning before a Pap smear test. You might assume if this could lead to accurate results. But, it is strictly prohibited to use any vaginal wash gel, creams, and lotions. This could wash away if there are some abnormal cells present in your cervix. So, the test of the result could vary, and you might not find the real outcome. So, you must follow this instruction carefully.

Do not get a Pap smear during periods

Menstruation is a natural reproductive cycle that indicates your health is in good condition. But, if you are considering a Pap smear test in Arleta, then you must wait until the periods stop. However, there is no hassle in getting the test done while on periods. But, the blood has the potential to hide abnormal cervix cells. So, you might have false-negative results. Therefore, it is important to avoid Pap smears when you are on periods.

What to expect during the test?

It is needless to say that this test could help you a lot in order to detect the changes in cervix cells. The abnormal cells could lead to cancerous cells that can also affect your other body organs. Cervical cancer can spread to kidneys and lungs etc. as well. So, this test can help in the early detection of the precancerous cells, and you can get the required treatment. However, a gynecologist would instruct you to take off your clothes from the waist during the procedure. You have to lie down on the clothed table and have to spread your legs. A cotton swab will be used to collect the cells from the cervix, which will indicate whether you are at risk or not. The test would last only 10-15 minutes with no pain and discomfort. You can get a report after 1 week from the Arleta clinic with accurate results.

What could Pap smear results mean?

Getting a Pap smear test in Arleta would ensure you would have the exact results. The cells will be evaluated by the experts in the lab under a microscope. This would allow the specialists to check whether the cells are normal or not. You will get a normal test report if there is no change in the cells. But if there is an abnormal change in cells, then the report will be positive. But it does not mean that you have cervical cancer. The gynecologist might suggest some more screenings and can diagnose the cells on the basis of their type. However, you must remain calm if the results are positive. Early detection could help with the right treatment that can increase your survival chances.

To sum up

A Pap smear is a helpful cervix examination to evade the chances of cervical cancer. However, you must get a Pap smear test in Arleta by visiting a good urgent care clinic. This would provide you with satisfaction with the test results. However, you must keep in mind the points as mentioned above before getting the test. You can get an early diagnosis for abnormalities of cells and can safeguard your health. This test is easy, quick, and comes with no discomfort. 

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