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5 Thing You Need To Know To Get Started On Tiktok

Here are a few tips to better understand the TikTok culture and the benefits to your brand in showing up there in an authentic way. Even those who are not creating and uploading content are still engaging with it through comments, likes and shares. Recent data from Influencer Marketing Hub shows that TikTok has significantly more engagement than Instagram and YouTube. Specifically, micro-influencers’ engagement rates were 17.96% on TikTok compared to 3.86% on Instagram and 1.63% on YouTube.

But in order to be successful today as a creator, you have to prioritize channels like YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram. Not just for monetization, but in order to get your voice heard. Add filters, effects, stickers, and text to make your videos far more interesting and appealing.

When you land on the TikTok for Business page, one of the first things you might notice is the slogan saying “Don’t make ads. Make a Connection.” By putting engagement before promotion, this sentiment perfectly summarizes the value TikTok brings to advertisement. So, when paired with a creator native to the platform, you can achieve that and much more. It is important to measure the ROI of your content on TikTok and Instagram Reels, particularly if it is a new format for your business and you are experimenting with unique content. Use the inbuilt analytics tools to measure the success of their content to inform decisions on future content, customers to target, and budgets. This type of content is particularly good for beauty, cosmetics, jewellery, and clothing.

To gain a following and have people interested in your business, you need to create a consistent image. I would suggest to first go do your research and see what kind of content makes you comfortable and makes you excited to create. Read more about here. By seeing the response you will know how to direct your content further.

By staying consistent and posting quality content regularly, you can start upping your audience count slowly but surely. TikTok influencer marketing has gained significant traction since it’s founding but has truly skyrocketed in 2020. While the platform began as a music and dance video app for teenagers, it has grown recently, and now plenty of adults, brands, and businesses have a presence on the app too. Due to its reputation and predominantly young demographic, many businesses are overlooking TikTok marketing.

Just one of the reasons brands love TikTok, and why anyone can still go viral despite the platform’s astounding growth and success. An on demand webinar strategy lets your audience watch content whenever and wherever they want. Yes, you can make money on TikTok by joining the Creator Fund, posting sponsored content, and selling merchandise or product lines to your audience. Ocean Spray’s non-sponsored feature in the video led to lots of positive press and word of mouth, launching meme after meme.

Know your audience and understand how frequently they use the app. This will assist you in creating a specific posting timeslot during parts of the day. Sharing fresh content at least twice per day will get you a considerable fanbase since it will boost your exposure to more audiences with a level of consistency. The identified magic posting times are between 11 am to 5 pm as your followers tend to use the app in these times. Recording Tiktok videos that last longer than a minute is not possible. There is no time limit for your clips, so you can use your phone camera app to make videos that would be longer than 1 minute, but you should move it carefully.

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