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5 Strategies for Marketing Your Small Business

5 Strategies for Marketing Your Small Business

Advertising your business acts as the central platform for informing, reminding, and persuading your customers about your products. As an owner of a small business, ads will help you beat the stiff opposition and increase your market portion. Below are some of the leading advertising strategies that small businesses owners can use to market their products.

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Search Engine Optimization Advertising

It’s increasingly becoming popular since it can reach millions of people at the same time. In this method of advertising, you will use your website as your advertisement platform. You can post your vision, mission, purpose, and features of the products that you are offering on your website.

To take full advantage of SEO advertising, you must ensure that your adverts are simple and clear to understand. The advert should also comprise images and illustrations that will capture your target outreach attentions. You can get assistance when preparing your SEO adverts from a company that manages VPS hosting according to your terms and specifications.

Some of the benefits that SEO advertising will bring into your business include; increased sales since your business will be visible to many people and giving you a competitive advantage against your rivals in the industry. Additionally, SEO marketing ensures that you will reach your target audience on time and at a cheaper cost.

Social Media Advertising

Some of the leading social media platforms you can use to make advertisements include Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and, Linked In. Most of these social media networks allow you to create personal and business accounts to post your products and services as a business owner.

The more followers that you have on these social media platforms, the more customers you are likely to attract to your business. As a business, you can fully utilize social media networks by posting your adverts when the majority of the people are online. You should also engage in market segmentation, whereby you will sub-divide your customers based on their tastes, preferences, needs, and demands.

Print Media Advertising

It’s a very effective advertising strategy, but at the same time, it is costly. It entails making your business adverts in the newspapers, magazines, periodicals, journals, or business notices. In other words, you will approach a well-renowned printing company and have your advert published.

People worldwide read magazines daily, and thus your advertisement will be read by millions of people worldwide. However, as a small business, you can consider advertising in the local newspaper and magazine where people within your locality will learn more about your business. You should utilize magazine adverts at a lower price and boost your sales significantly.

One of the advantages of using print media is that it helps build your overall business image and reputation. Most people tend to trust their newspapers, and thus, your business will be view as an honest and transparent entity.


Daily publications provide readers with recent information about what is happening at a local and international level. Most newspapers are subdivided into various sections such as political news, social and sporting news, and business sector news. All these sectors are directed towards specific readers because they have diverse desires and interests.

The business sector will cover the most booming business, economic progression and challenges, and a sector covering business advertisements. It is important to understand that as you plan to advertise on this platform, some print media companies will charge you depending on the number of words that your advert will convey, the size the advert will take on the publication, and the duration the advert should be posted on the publication.


Unlike newspapers, magazines are print on a weekly and monthly basis. The magazine can either be print by an individual company or by a group of relate industries. Magazines mainly convey information about the type of products offer, levels of completion in the firm, and trends within the industry.

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The advertising strategies discussed above will help small businesses reach out to their target customers and boost sales. Which strategies you decide to use, will depend on the size of your business and what audience you are attempting to target.

Some strategies mentioned like SEO will work for companies of any size, but you should always craft a marketing plan specific to the needs of your company. If you need more information about how to create a plan, read a book on marketing strategies or hire a company to create a plan for you.


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