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5 Reasons to Use Aluminium Composite Panels

Do you know what’s currently the rage among construction and building experts? It’s an aluminium composite panel. Because of its intrinsic properties and benefits, it is utilised in many interior and outdoor application sectors, making it a favourite among architects and interior designers.

So here is ab elaboration on its merits so that you are not only convinced of what it has to offer but also see it as something other than a mere ornament. Aluminium panels are an excellent method to give elegance and a contemporary feel to a room or structure, and they are worth it for several reasons.

So, here’s a list of the leading advantages of adopting aluminium composite panels:

1.   Superb Robust Material for Unique Solutions

Aluminium composite materials make it simpler to construct forms that are more difficult to build with conventional façade materials. The panels made of aluminium will help you achieve a functional and aesthetically pleasant appearance. Aluminium, combined with magnesium, zinc, and copper, produces a durable building material. You may slice panels made of aluminium, folded, drilled, twisted, and perforated without losing structural integrity. Also, you may utilise aluminium panels where you cannot use other materials due to their flexibility. Panels made of aluminium composite materials are exceptionally resilient and can endure up to thirty years.

2.   Significantly Lighter Than Other Materials

Aluminium is classified as a lightweight material, which makes it ideal for use in cladding systems. Aluminium is approximately 66% lighter than steel, making it a perfect replacement material. Aluminium cladding panels are the most lightweight in the business.

3.   Offer Relatively Low Maintenance Costs

Aluminium cladding systems are nearly maintenance-free compared to wooden, steel, or concrete solid walls. If you live in a rural area, you should clean the aluminium panels merely 0.5 times per year; in an urban area, they should be cleaned between 0.5 and once per year; in coastal areas or low-rainfall areas, they should be cleaned once per year; and in a heavily industrialised area, they should be cleaned 1-2 times in a year. In addition to not requiring cleaning, the cleaning method for an aluminium composite panel is straightforward. You can use a water rinse equipped with moderate pressure to remove dirt. And you can apply cleaning solutions further if that does not eliminate the dirt. Before you attempt a cleaning procedure on your own, you should contact your contractor or distributor for advice.

4.   Extremely Economical Solution

Aluminium composite panels are a very economical option for building façades. Due to the light weight of the panels, fewer fastening points are required, which reduces material and labour costs. In addition to simple installation and installation, maintenance costs are quite minimal.

5.   Available in a Broad Range of Colours, Forms, and Sizes

Aluminium panels can be cut, sheared, bent, punched, drilled, and shaped. Even though they’re available in a variety of forms and sizes, they may be trimmed to meet the demands of the user. All panels are available in a variety of common colours. This makes it easy to match the project’s image colour or corporate building.

An aluminium composite panel provides a safer and more cost-effective alternative to conventional cladding materials. Consider ACPs for your next project, whether you’re remodelling your house or building from the ground up. It is not surprising that aluminium composite panels are a prominent choice in the building sector, given their many advantages.


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