5 reasons to choose MyAssignmenthelp over Coursehero takes just a fraction of a second to process your Order and additional payment-related issues. Many websites on the internet provide exclusive solutions to academic requirements. But two most prominent organizations providing premium academic assistance services are and But if you make a head-to-head comparison, has gone spectacularly ahead of in more ways than one. This blog attempts to make a thorough comparison of services.

1. Slow processing time

Suppose you have logged into the official website of and in successive hours. But once you start the booking process in the former, processing your initial queries will take a lot of time. Whatever your Coursehero reviews suggest, the processing time of this website is way slower than the latter. Moreover, it says that your first impression is the last. So, once the website starts testing your patience and keeps you waiting for little official processes, it drains your energy completely.

On the other hand, takes just a fraction of a second to process your Order and additional payment-related issues. So, if you want to save valuable time without wandering for the right time, is your best option.

2. Cumbersome ordering process

The booking and payment process not only takes unnecessary time but is sufficiently slow in the case of You must provide your whereabouts, complete academic details, and present professional or academic status. In addition, you must provide minute details regarding your assignment to their expert portal.

However, sets you free from all these troubles. First, you must click on the main page’s Order Now button. Then give your name, email address and contact number. After that, attach the PDF of your academic requirements in the attachment button. You will be redirected to the completion page immediately.

3. Student reviews

Students from across the globe keep searching with ‘my assignment help reviewsright before their assignment submission deadline. But if we compare the reviews of both these websites head-to-head, will net a 1000 goal to All reputed review websites like, etc., are filled with thousands of positive reviews concerning MAH’s on-time delivery commitment, 24×7 active customer care services, unlimited rework and revision facilities in the loudest of voices. As a result, thousands of students benefit from the premium quality services of, which is enough to bank on the brand.

4. Plagiarism issues

Plagiarism is a severe issue in any academic writing. It falls under plagiarism when you copy anything directly into your document from any other online source. If you are caught with plagiarism, not only will your paper face cancellation but you may be permanently terminated from the university system.

But many clients of suggested that they found plagiarism in the received copies. This is completely uncalled for when you are paying for a service that advertises itself as a provider of 100% plagiarism-free services.

But the situation is entirely positive for According to the clients, their experts have the most advanced plagiarism-checking tool in the market. Such tools detect even a shred of plagiarism in your document and take them out of your copy forever. So, in all rationality, you must resort to in one-to-one comparison with

5. Discount policy

The discount policy of both websites varies during different months of the year. But has many hidden conditions on which they provide specific discounts. However, they would hardly mention these conditions on their website., on the other hand, has always stayed true to its declared policies. They offer you the best discounts in the market. Their initial booking charge per page is $9 tentatively. But you enjoy a huge discount on the first Order and if you book for longer deadlines. Also, you have many sign-up bonuses and combo offers to make it way more affordable than the former.

So, it seems you already know who is your best ally when it comes to academic assistance. So, make a wise move and secure your academic career.

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Denny Martin is a professional academic writer at one of the most reliable websites, He has years of expertise in creating highly engaging essays, assignments, research papers, thesis, case studies and other academic papers for students.

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