5 Premium Cars That Can Be Used in Weddings in London

Among the many things that need to be arranged for your wedding day, hiring a great looking car for your transport is an important one. Your wedding day is a momentous occasion of your life and everyone would like to arrive in style for the wedding ceremony. Additionally, premium luxury cars also make for a stunning backdrop for your wedding pictures. These days, luxury cars are available for hire and you can choose from some of the most stylish looking cars such as the Rolls –Royce Phantom or vintage cars from the 1960’s. Listed below are some of the most popularly used cars for weddings in London.

Rolls Royce Phantom

One of the popular choice of cars for weddings is the Rolls Royce Phantom. This care is all about luxury along with elegance and you can hire it along with a chauffeur for your wedding day. This car is comfortable and spacious along with an extra-long wheel base that ideal for brides wearing a heavy dress because it can easily fit into the car without much of a hassle. The car is available with a white exterior that is perfect weddings and fine interiors made of elegant wood and sheep skin rugs.

Bentley Continental Flying Spur

A car that is frequently recommended to brides and one which even the jewellers London swear by is the Bentley Continental Flying Spur car. The Queen’s choice of transportation, this car is ideal for someone who is looking for something stylish and luxurious for the wedding day. Complete with gentle curves, striking line and massaging seats, the interiors of this car is sophistically made with hand stitched leather and  ambient lights that will definitely calm your nerves before the ceremony. This car ensures that you have enough space for your dress and relaxation while you go to the wedding venue.

Vintage Car Beauford Open Tourer

A classic British car belonging to the 1930’s, the Beauford Open Tourer is all about luxury and vintage beauty. It has plush leather interiors and can seat 2-4 passengers as per the preference of the bride and groom. This timeless classic car is equipped with a detachable half soft and an in car entertainment system at the rear.

Austin Princess Limousine

A classic transport car for bride, groom and the bridal party is the Austin Princess Limousine. It’s a beautiful car with fashionable exteriors that looks gorgeous for weddings. The best part about the car is its interiors. The Austin Princess Limousine is an adaptable car that can accommodate two to six passengers. When used for two passengers, it can provide a lot of legroom when needed for the bride and her dress. Additional seats can be added to the main cabin to accommodate more passengers.

Vintage Rolls Royce

Another vintage car that is preferred by the couples on their wedding day is the Vintage Rolls Royce that makes the couple feel like royalty. This car is perfect with comfortable interiors and stylish exteriors and truly gives a princess like feel to the bride in her wedding dress and synthetic diamond rings and necklace.

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