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5 natural methods for straightening hair

Many people look at straightening tools or other chemical products to keep their hair straight. The repeated straightening process using chemicals or heat weakens the hair, causing loss of hair and breakage. Here’s how you can keep your Hair straight Naturly :

1. Coconut milk and lemon juice

Coconut milk helps nourish and softens hair. It’s a source of saturated fats that act as emollients. It also has acids that help restore the balance of acid-alkaline on the scalp.

Method Mix lemon juice and fresh coconut milk. Lemon juice can have a cleansing and straightening effect and can help give shine to hair.

2. Hot oil treatments for regular use.

The hot oil treatment helps hair absorb oil better which makes it silkier and more straight.

Method: Warm coconut oil before applying it to the hair. Dip a towel in the hot water. Then squeeze the excess water, and wrap the towel in hot water around the head like an afro. Then keep it for five minutes. Repeat the wrap three or four times. Cleanse by using a mild shampoo. Comb using a wide-toothed comb. Make sure to do this at least twice per week.

3. Honey and milk

Hair is composed of a protein known as Keratin. Milk protein is beneficial by enhancing the body and strength. Also, milk contains fats that help smooth and soften hair. Honey can be a great natural moisturizer that adds shine to hair.

Method: A tablespoon of honey can be combined together with milk in order to smooth and soften hair. It also gives shine. This combination could also be placed in the form of a spray bottle. Spray hair after shampooing with the mixture and leave it on for 2 minutes, then rinse it off with regular water.

4. Eggs and olive oil

The chemical structure and chemical composition of naturally occurring oil within our bodies are identical to olive oil. This is the reason it can help restore balance. Olive oil contains hydroxytyrosol and Vitamin E Both of which are good for hair health. Eggs are a rich source of minerals and vitamins, together with fatty acids.

Method Mix 2 eggs with olive oil. Apply to hair. Cover with a shower cap and let it sit for 20 minutes prior to washing.

5. Rice flour, fuller’s earth, and egg white

This is a hair mask that should be applied once a week. It cleanses the hair, but also straightens hair and increases volume.

Method: One egg white must be mixed with one quarter teaspoon rice flour as well as 1 cup Fuller’s earth. Apply the paste then comb hair, and allow to dry for one hour. Shampoo off the hair with shampoo.

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