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3 Window Treatment Ideas for Bow Windows

Bow and bay window installations add elegance and style to the house from inside and outside. These windows add a regal appearance from the outside and create a cozy alcove inside the house. Since they are large windows with many windows arranged at a stretch, they let in plenty of natural light and give a generous view of the outside. These windows make the room appear larger and with the right window treatment the window can become the centerpiece of the room. The graceful appearance of bay and bow windows can be augmented with blinds shades or by layering shutters and blinds.

Here are 3 Window Treatment Ideas for Bow Windows

Bow windows have four or more angled openings that are arranged in an arc shape. Generally, they have individual windows that can be opened, or the center window is sealed shut. While they create space in the room and let in a lot of sunlight and air, prolonged exposure to the natural sunlight can damage the furniture and carpets in the house. 3 window treatment ideas for bow windows that are aesthetically and functionally apt are –

1. Roman blinds shades

The Roman blinds shades are a beautiful addition to the bay window treatment as they create a beautiful cascade of the fabric when drawn up. They can be selected as heavy fabric as solar shades or natural materials such as bamboo, reed, or straw.

2. Plantation shutters

Plantation shutters in solid wood in different colors to complement the interior décor are an excellent addition for the bow windows. They will give privacy, light control, and a measured view of the outside. One can even layer shutters and blinds or shutters and shades in different patterns for a customized look and greater control of natural light and privacy.

3.  Combi shades

The combi shades offer the functionalities of blinds and shades. They are of fabric or soft material used for shades but arranged in louvers so that one can slide open the louvers to the right angle rather than open and close the entire shade partially or completely. Combi shades are highly functional in filtering sunlight and make for a graceful accompaniment for the interior décor.

Here are 3 Window Treatment Ideas for Bay Windows

Bay windows, like bow windows, also have four or more windows, but here they are arranged angularly and not in a flow. They serve the same functional purpose as bow windows in terms of natural lighting, ventilation, and privacy. here are 3 window treatment ideas for bay windows that will maximize their benefits and promote their appearance.

1. Cellular shades

Cellular shades with their honeycomb cells are a very useful addition as they can be opened in a measured manner. Also, because they can be slid up or down in different degrees, the direction of the light can be controlled. If the bay window is in the bedroom, then the cellular shades will keep the room perfectly insulated and aid with temperature control in all seasons.

2. Plantation shutters with roller shades

You can layer the windows with plantation shutters and roller shades installed high above the window. This will give an appearance of space and high ceilings. Roller shades roll up completely and allow you a complete view of the window frame. Plantation shutters, whether they are left open or shut will allow light inside the room through the slats. You can continue to get an uninterrupted view of the outside without your privacy being compromised.

3. Complementary or contrasting Colors in Window treatment

You can mix and match between shutters and blinds, shutters and shades, or blinds and shades. Choose complimentary patterns or contrasting colors to add color to the room. You can pick solid color shutters with shades in beautiful patterns or color the wooden blinds in the same color as the walls and intersperse them with shades of a different pattern.

You can select the window treatment fabric, color, and prints to match the piece of furniture the alcove may occupy. Since bay and bow windows are large they offer a lot of scope for mixing and matching window treatments to create a unique window setting.

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