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3 Practical Ways to Compress Photos

3 Practical Ways to Compress Photos.


Welcome to our blog article on 3 effective picture compression methods. Today’s smartphones, cameras, and other gadgets capture a lot of images. These photographs might fill up our gadgets and make sharing them tough. We’ll show you three simple techniques to compress images without losing quality in this article. These approaches will help novice and professional photographers. We’ll cover online, software, and manual picture optimization approaches. Let’s begin picture compression and optimization.

Currently, several ways can be done to compress photos using a cellphone either through an application or without an application. compressing photos must be done because the files that must be sent are small.

Using Website JPEG Compressor


The first way to compress photos is to take advantage of the Compress JPEG site. This method is very easy to do only with a cellphone, but the photos are still of high quality.

a. The first step, go to the website (Jpeg Compressor).

b. Then select up to 20 JPG or JPEG images from your device or drag the file to the “upload file” field.

c. Next, wait until the automatic photo compress is completed.

d. When the compress is complete, please download your photo.

e. You can also download compressed images either separately or all at once in a ZIP file.

Using the Paint App

The third way to compress photos is to use paint software or applications for you Windows users on a laptop / PC. The steps you need to do are as follows:

a. Open the paint app.

b. Next find the image you want to compress and insert it on the Paint page.

c. Then in the menu section, find the resize button and enter the size you want. Adjust the horizontal and vertical size of the photo you selected.

e. Next, click Save AS or use CTRL + S and the photo will be saved on your device in a smaller file size.

Using Website


The last way you can do to compress photos even up to 200 Kb is to take advantage of the website. Almost similar to other websites, the way to compress photos on is:

a. Go to the page.

b. Furthermore, to reduce the size of the photo, you can simply click on the Drop your .png area or .jpg file here!

c. After that, a new window will appear to take photos on your device.

d. After that, the photo will automatically be compressed and wait for it to finish.

e. Finally, download the photo whose size has changed to small.

In addition, on the TinyJPG site, you can upload up to 20 photos at once with each photo measuring a maximum of 5 MB and can be compressed up to 200 Kb.

Those are some ways you can do to compress photos so that they become smaller in size. Good luck.


Our blog article on 3 Practical Ways to Compress Photos. It reduces picture file sizes, making sharing simpler and preserving device space. Online, software, and manual picture compression methods have pros and cons. Three simple approaches to compress photographs provide remarkable results. Understanding picture compression techniques and tools helps you choose the best one for your requirements. This blog article should inspire and enlighten your picture compression and optimization efforts.

We hope that the information provided was helpful. If you found it useful, please consider sharing it on social media and visiting our blog again for more informative content. Your support is greatly appreciated. Also visit

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