3 killed in Corona in Shanghai

China says three people have died of coronavirus in the commercial hub of Shanghai. This is the first death since the lockdown began in March.

The British media reported on the BBC.

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The city’s health commission said in a statement that those who died were between the ages of 69 and 91 and had not been vaccinated.

The statement added that despite all efforts to save lives, three people died at the hospital on Sunday. All three were in poor health.

The city is now re-launching its mass trial. This means that a strict lockdown will remain in place for most residents. Until now, China has been claiming that no one was killed in Corona in this city. However, the country’s demand has always been questioned.

Earlier, the last death in the country was in March 2020.

Meanwhile, a severe lockdown was imposed in the city three weeks ago due to the outbreak of Omicron. As a result, there has been intense anger among the residents. As a result, millions of people have been placed under house arrest. Anyone who is found to be positive is being sent to the quarantine center.

In December 2019, coronavirus spread around the world from Wuhan, China. One lakh 75 thousand people have been affected in the country so far. Four thousand 741 people have died.

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