23 Instagram Story ideas to help you win engagement

You can do something truly fun with them by including interactive stickers as part of the ad. Calendar days are a great way to highlight your brand personality by talking about the causes you care about or days that align with your brand. For example if you are a shaving company you could run a discount for dads on Father’s day. Instagram ad template which appear as full-screen vertical ads between a user’s organic story feed.

Content that’s already popular is most likely to rank high in the search results. Instagram determines popularity using signals like the number of clicks, likes, shares and follows for an account, hashtag, or place. To maximize ad delivery, Facebook recommends using images that are 1,200 x 628 for news feed ads and 1,080 x 1920 for story ads. Facebook also recommends limiting your text on the image or video thumbnail.

Next, select your business category and give a name to your Page. Your Page name can be your business name or another name that people may search for to find your business. If you already have a good sense of who your ideal customer is, a good strategy is to take that customer profile (or “persona”) and extrapolate to Instagram. This shopping mindset makes Instagram users the perfect audience because they’re high-intent and quick to convert.

Blog can also be used as a verb, meaning to maintain or add content to a blog. Use paid ads to target highly relevant users who are likely to be interested in your product and content. Instagram advertising allows you to get your brand in front of the right people using a number of highly granular targeting options. This means you can attract new followers and new customers alike. Sprout Social’s publishing tools uses features like ViralPost offer an automated alternative to all this research by determining for you when your audience is the most active. ViralPost will then automatically push out your content at optimal send times.

Like with Facebook , it can be difficult to get free organic traffic, though. Unlike on Facebook, however, you do have a bit more control over your audience. You can connect directly with like-minded people by following people in your niche, engaging and easily messaging with them. To find these like-minded people, simply search popular hashtags in your niche. Once you find accounts similar to yours, you can follow them and they may follow you back and lead to eventual collaborations. With over 1.62 billion daily users, Facebook hardly needs an introduction.

As a result, more and more users have begun promoting their most recent post on their Instagram Stories, usually blocking out the thumbnail to entice people to click on to their profile to see it. Find the best time to post, track your follower growth, and understand what content works best with post and account analytics. Read more about buy followers instagram here. Many of our newsletters feature social media sharing buttons, allowing our audience to share individual books and articles via their preferred channel. If you’re new to video, the best way to get started is to create some videos with your smartphone or camera. Practice makes perfect, and you may be able to get support from your university’s or organization’s communications department. Or you could try using a video abstract service (e.g. from our partner Research Square) to highlight newsworthy publications.

You are looking for logo placements on their website, tables at events, social media mentions, and email blast inclusion. “I can assure you that the BEST strategy to drive more traffic has been to share the new articles in LinkedIn groups. Shree is an avid drummer and musician, spending most of his time online over at his blogGhostnotes. “You will need to have developed an email database to begin with. These people will be interested in your content, so all you need to do is email them the new post.

This will help you reach various demographics and expand your audience more quickly. The statistics are even more encouraging if you’re paying for ads on social networks. Advertisements for Youtube and Instagram have a potential reach of 2.4 billion and 1.4 billion, respectively. With that in mind, let’s examine some key benefits of using social media to engage with your followers. From sticker clicks to profile visits, you need to keep track of what’s working at what’s not. This can help you shift gears if needed and, of course, serve as a template for promoting future courses.

After publishing a blog post, I will hop on Facebook to promote and drive some traffic to it. Some brands share a branded hashtag and ask their customers to use it when posting about their products. The company then follows that hashtag to discover new content and asks the person permission to share their image. Other brands run specific UGC campaigns and contests to gather a lot of UGC at once and “flood” follower timelines with brand-specific content. Reels have their own explore page filled with content created using this feature.

However, you can use business stock photos in your marketing content to grab the attention of your followers and share your expert thoughts on niche topics. Rank IQ. If there is one blogging tool that you should invest in, it’s Rank IQ. This tool makes keyword research so easy by giving you all the top-ranking keywords for every niche on a silver platter. I also love the Rank IQ content grader feature that shows how to improve your blog posts to rank on Google’s Page 1. Finding the right influencers for your Instagram marketing campaign can be a big challenge, but creating clear goals helps. For example, if your goal is to rack up a lot of engagement, it might make sense to partner with micro-influencers with smaller audiences but higher engagement rates. If you’re trying to increase your brand awareness, metrics such as reach and traffic will be more useful.

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