12 injured in shopping mall shooting in US

Twelve people have been injured in a gun attack at a shopping mall in South Carolina. Police have arrested three people in the incident.
The bomber struck shortly after noon in front of a U.S. military base. Ten people were shot and two others were injured in the stampede. The injured are aged 15 to 36 years.

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Columbia Police Chief William Holbrooke said the shooting did not appear to be a coincidence; Rather, it seems to be a ‘kind of conflict’ between a group of armed groups that already know each other.

Holbrooke said three people were found with firearms inside the mall. At least one of them fired. He said three people were arrested on suspicion of involvement in the shooting.

The details of the shooting are not yet clear. Local media reported that a large number of police and emergency services officers were present at the shopping mall.

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