10 Most Common Addictions In The Usa

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The pandemic didn’t just endanger people’s physical well-being but also influenced their mental health. Experts believe that COVID-19 has negatively impacted people’s happiness by causing them depression, burnout, and other mental health issues. Even before the pandemic, statistics have been calling Americans today the unhappiest they’ve been in the previous fifty years. Also, youngsters aged 18 to 25 are more vulnerable to binge drinking and getting addicted to different addictive behaviors. However, most Americans aren’t aware of what addictions look like and how they affect your health.

What are some common addictions in the USA?

How do we define addiction as per what experts have said? “Addiction” may be described as compulsive behavioral patterns toward any pleasure-inducing activities/substances. Beware that addictions are not habits; they are mental disorders since addicts are rendered incapable of leading everyday lifestyles when they become obsessed with these activities/substances. Addicts start to prioritize addictive actions over their traditional responsibilities and even disregard their well-being while pursuing pleasure. On that note, here are the ten most common examples of addictive behaviors existing in the USA in 2022:

  1. Alcohol:-

We can’t discuss addictions in this country without mentioning the American addiction, i.e., alcohol. It’s estimated that every 12th American suffers from alcohol abuse/dependency. People suffering from alcohol-related addictions can contact rehab centers such as the Delphi Health Group to recover from these cravings. These treatment facilities provide medical detox to patients to help them overcome withdrawal symptoms. They make drug/alcohol addicts recover their well-being.

  1. Marijuana:-

Recreational marijuana has become one of the most famous addictions today in the United States. Its legalization has found support in many circles. While its easier access allows comfort for patients, addicts have also found means to abuse this substance. There’s an ongoing about how addictive this substance can be, but weed has a chemical called THC containing addictive properties. Some studies have also concluded that almost 10% of marijuana consumers may become addicted to its effects.

  1. Painkillers:-

Painkillers have also become common substances people are slowly addicted to in the USA. A survey shows that over 3% of Americans aged 12+ have tried them in addictive manners in 2019. So these painkillers include Vicodin, Codeine, and Oxycontin, among other examples. Remember that an individual may become addicted to painkillers without a doctor’s prescription after misusing them. A person may also fail to realize that they’ve become addicted. Therefore, caution’s necessary while using them.

  1. Benzos:-

Benzodiazepines include Xanax and Valium, among other popular examples. These drugs are used by people suffering from anxiety, but patients and even non-patients often abuse them. Adolescents often consume “benzos” for recreational purposes since they induce a euphoric state that resembles intoxication. But withdrawal symptoms are excruciatingly painful and may even result in the addict’s death. That’s why this craving must be overcome with extreme care by doctors.

  1. Cocaine:-

Fortunately, fewer people are getting addicted to crack/cocaine today. But the reduced addiction to cocaine is being replenished by an increased addiction to stimulants such as meth. Now, experts estimate that almost 2 million Americans utilize cocaine, many of whom are addicted. Experts also believe that this drug’s dangerous because of how it’s consumed. Also, mere memories of one’s cocaine addiction may compel one to relapse.

  1. Tobacco:-

Cigarettes should be regarded as silent killers as CDC reports that 480,000 deaths happen in the USA annually due to these things. Tobacco contains a deadly chemical called nicotine, and people become addicted to its flavor by smoking cigarettes. Even vaping is dangerous, and addicts should utilize it to overcome addiction. With 40 million people in our country smoking tobacco, cigarettes today threaten the well-being of 1,600 people daily who try cigarettes for the first time. So, show caution.

  1. Sleeping Pills:-

Millions of Americans have insomnia, for which they’re often prescribed “z-drugs” to help them sleep. These sleeping pills can produce effects such as sedation and induce sleep. So, folks may take Sonata and Ambien for this purpose. However, some patients may develop tolerance due to which they become dependent on these drugs. So, abusing these drugs can have side effects, including coma or even death. That’s why being addicted to Z-drugs can be dangerous for people.

  1. Hallucinogens:-

Hallucinogens are a bunch of different drugs that make a person hallucinate and become delusional. Drugs such as LCD, PCP, and Ketamine change a person’s thoughts/feelings and distort how they perceive their surroundings. The short-term effects of these drugs include seeing/heating objects that don’t exist. In contrast, the long-term effects of these drugs may result in several mental health issues such as psychosis. Using these drugs without your doctor’s explicit permission isn’t good.

  1. Shopping:-

Interestingly, people may become addicted to eating, surfing online, and shopping excessively today. Experts have coined the term “shopaholic” for someone engaged in shopping too much. A symptom of having a shopping addiction’s that the person buys something and then regrets purchasing that thing. We practice “retail therapy” to help such addicts overcome this dangerous addiction. Sadly, we don’t know how many people suffer from this addiction today.

  1. Gambling:-

Gambling has ruined several households in our country due to its addictive nature. While gambling’s a source of income for many welfare programs today, getting obsessed with this practice may harm your well-being. An addict doesn’t just destroy their mental health due to extreme gambling but can also damage their financial stability. Horse racing, casino gambling, and sports betting online are some examples. Remember that you can always engage in legal betting but don’t get addicted to it.


Addictions aren’t uncommon in the United States, as 21 million Americans suffer from these cravings. An insightful analysis further explains that 46% of our countrymen have friends/family members with these obsessions. We’ve discussed some common addictions founds in the United States today. We have even added some examples that may not sound like what we traditionally mean by “addiction.” We discussed alcohol and tobacco as some of the most widespread addictions in the country. Drugs include weed, benzos, cocaine, painkillers, and hallucinogens. We talked about shopping and gambling as some examples of cravings people don’t consider addictions. Beware of all these cravings and seek help now!

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